“Hawks scramble to get on board with two-state solution...”

“Hawks scramble to get on board with two-state solution...”

The creation of the Sate of Israel in 1948 constituted a betrayal of the Palestinian people. Those who doubt this statement are referred to the provisions of the 1925 Treaty of Versailles which specifically set up a protectorate for the Palestinian people. It is time for the world to recognize this betrayal and to insist Israel pursue the only reasonable solution to the existing dilemma before Israel’s hard line ambitions lead us into an impossible conflagration....

If Israel ever set her borders and kept within them like most countries, we’d see a different dynamic I think. If Israel were not expanding, seizing homes, farms and water on a daily basis perhaps they could let bygones be bygones.

I know many Muslims, many Palestinians who’ve expressed or agree they wish Israel stood as a progressive and democratic example to shame the dictators that reign over them.

Jon, don’t you think the expansion of settlements, the harassment and blockade of Palestinians is atrocious incitement? These ARE assaults of War under the UN’s/Geneva conventions. I’d say the Palestinians have show remarkable restraint.....

Watch what they do not what they say, is the watchword. Obama like all politicians is very much enamored with how things appear - to the general i.e. ignorant public. Israel will of course say a few apt words about peace and the two-state solution and at the same time continue to prepare for the extermination of the Palestinian people as the world watches ‘helplessly’ i.e. apparently helplessly, and History will honor them by creating shadows within which certain segments of our past can be hidden and pretty much forgotten. It is within those shadows that the nightmare we all secretly dread lies sleeping....

I wonder if you are aware of the recent translation into English of a leaked government report from Israel about the settlements. It’s long and I haven’t had a chance to read it but when Ha’aretz reported it earlier this year they seemed to think it revealed or confirmed some new and interesting information about, as they put it, “the full extent of the settlements”. Here’s the link to Ha’aretz:


And here’s the page which has a link to the English translation (it’s near the bottom of the page): They will fight like banshees to keep the settlements....


The Likud wants the settlements to be a “fact on the ground”, the removal of which would be too expensive to be practical. I say leave the settlements be, re-establish the 1967 borders and let the “settlers” be Palestinian citizens, paying taxes, etc. That way they can stay on their sacred ground if they so wish. If they choose, they can move back to Israel or Brooklyn from whence they came. Of course, they may have a problem coming up with a legitimate deed if they want to sell out. Their howls of outrage will be heard on other planets....

I remember Menachem Begin’s farewell speech as the Israeli prime minister, which went something like – you go on negotiating as well as building settlements, what else there is to do? This has been Israel’s policy since Begin and only James Baker tried to put a stop to it. Plus ca change….

The best solution for the Settlements as well as the Palestinian right of return. Here it is. The Settlers can remain Citizens of Israel and be Residents in Palestine. The returning Palestinian refugees can be Citizens of Palestine and Residents in Israel. They will vote in their own elections, as an American who resides in Canada or Mexico can still vote in the US elections. This preserves the Jewish nature of Israel, and does not require a single settler to move. Security can be done jointly by Israeli and Palestinian police and military for a 10 or 20 year transition period. Jerusalem is a international city and jointly Capital of both States. Jews can buy land and settle anywhere in Palestine/Judea-Samaria they want, and Palestinians can return to Haifa and wherever else they choose. The US and International community will help enforce this and pay for new homes and construction. There. Done. Got the will to make it happen?

The Palestinians will never reconcile themselves to two states. They may accept a two-state solution as a tactical maneuver, but they will always want to return to a unitary Palestine. Perhaps future generations on both sides will come to accept one state in which Muslims, Jews and Christians can live together with equal rights. A Jewish-dominated state amounts to a foreign body in the modern Middle East. It will eventually disappear — peacefully, one hopes....

It is easy to look at the past and predict a future will not present any change. What is taking place is distinctly different from anything that has happened since Jimmy Carter. Obama is saying, “Enough is enough.” The USA simply cannot and should not put up with any more Israeli intransigence. The threats to both American and Israeli national security are now infinite. Since his speech to AIPAC last year when he was criticized by the left for being too obsequious — he supported the two state solution, the elimination of travel barriers for Palestinians and the economic development of Palestine. In his inaugural address, Obama announced a new era of US relations with the Muslim World, and at the State Department only a few days later — he spoke in favor of human right for Palestinians. That much we know — what we do not know is what has been said by George Mitchell and Hillary Clinton to their counterparts in Israel — that dialogue is what is driving the obvious changes in Israeli policy. Avigdor Lieberman touted war with Iran until two weeks ago, when he inexplicably changed his tune to stating that Afghanistan was the primary threat to Israel. The Israeli press is filled with stories about Obama’s changes in foreign policy vis a vis Israel and the approach to the Palestinians. Rahm Emanuel has been quoted in print in Jerusalem that there will be a two state peace settlement within four years — just in time for Obama’s re-election campaign. The demands of power are falling on the nascent government of Israel — and while the outward appearances to the public may seem like nothing is changing — peace negotiations based on Obama’s forthcoming plan will probably start in the very near future — say later this summer or in the fall. Then there are the secret operations involving many cases of Israeli espionage and financial chicanery that are being swept under the carpet for public consumption but are painful for the Israelis — US financial collapses that involved substantial transfers to Israeli bank accounts; the Madoff scandal and the exodus of many Israeli assets from official positions that are being quietly closed over in preparation for a calm meeting in the Oval Office between Obama and Netanyahu — during which Bibi will be well prepared to do a lot of boot-licking.....

Obama’s Middle East Imperialism....

Senators Urge Obama to Block Release of New Detainee Abuse Photos.

Pentagon’s Black Budget Grows to More Than $50 Billion.

US accused of illegal white phosphorus attack in Afghanistan.

Law’s Unintended Consequences:....


God is with Medes (ancient Iran) and Assyria on this one - it is written in the book of Isaiah @ 13:17 "I am stirring up against them the Medes, who think nothing of silver and take no delight in gold."

Iran will destroy the Babylonian economy of the US and EU!

And in Isaiah 10:5-6 "Woe to Assyria! My rod in anger, my staff in wrath. Against an impious nation I send him and against a people under my wrath I order him to seize plunder, carry off loot, and tread them down like the mud of the streets."

Assyrian nations will destroy the demonic cult of false Jews and reigning Freemasons who call themselves 'Israel', but seek only to rebuild the Temple of Solomon to place the Antichrist on the Throne.

But, Assyria will be punished for pride in victory - Isaiah 10:12-13 "[But when the Lord has brought to an end all his work on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, I will punish the utterance of the king of Assyria's proud heart, and the boastfulness of his haughty eyes. For he says: By my own power I have done it, and by my wisdom, for I am shrewd."

Damascus will be destroyed....

But OBVIOUSLY the so-called Jews DON'T read their prophets. In fact, they stoned them all and killed their Messiah - so that's not surprising.

God will destroy the cult of Satanic Freemasonry that rules in the false 'Israel', using Medes and Assyria. May God bless them (He already has).

The 'remnant of Israel' that will return are the Christians; followers of the Holy One of Israel and those 'who seek refuge in the name of the Lord', Jesus Christ - the REAL Christians, not the Protestant-Freemasonry cults that fill America and England!


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