The Yedehoth Ahronot story of today pretending to disclose "information"

The Yedehoth Ahronot story of today pretending to disclose "information" about the HIT, murder assassination of Mr. IMAD F. MUGHNIEH last year, February 12th 2008 in downtown Damascus, is a completely fabricated piece of propaganda and utterly crappy Israeli journalism, courtesy of the NID in Israel and its military intelligence thugs, in order to protect their prized asset in Syria, none other than ASSEF SHAWQAT, the quintessential KILLER MURDERER and assassin in chief of the White House Murder Inc, who personally delivered Mr. Dakdouq in Iraq to American Intelligence, and it is Asef Shawkat who personally orchestrated the assassination of Imad Moughniah in Damascus. All the details in that story are pure nonsense and utter garbage, it has no bearing whatsoever on the facts, it is pure unadulterated fiction and complete lies. Asef Shawkat is the assassin of Mr. ELIE HOBEIKA and Mr. IMAD F. MOUGHNIEH, ASSEF SHAWQAT is the officer in charge of the murderers and the chief culprit of the odious White House Murder INC, since January 24th 2002....Asef Shawkat is a thug, a killer, a murderer and an assassin, besides being a pimp of the ASSAD Mafiosi family of thieves and KILLERS.


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