Sixteen US intelligence agencies speculated about security in the
World community given the present economic crises that pervade
US and Western economies, which have spilled over to the World
community due to the USA lack of decent leadership....
According to Randall Mikkelsen in “World economic
crisis is top security threat: US”
quoting the intelligence report "the financial crisis and global
recession are likely to produce a wave of economic crises in
emerging market nations over the next year and a wave of
"destructive protectionism" is possible as countries find they cannot
export their way out of the slump.... "

Although the USA’s intelligence agencies address all members of the
world community, Mikkelsen seem interested in the Middle East what
achievement or lack of it by the United States of America. Pacifying
Iraq is a great achievement and so is weakening Al-Qaeda by killing
some of its leaders. Not emasculating Iran is a failure to please
Israel. Mikkelsen seems to forget about North and South Korea,
China, Japan and Russia. These don’t seem to exist.

While Mikkelsen seems to depend selectively on the intelligence
report, he is totally biased paving the way for a war between the
United States and Iran as if the US has not had enough. It is my
opinion ill-conceived war activities for revenge or greed led the
United States of America to self-destruction and the disaster spilled
over into all other countries.

During the nineteen sixties, Mathematicians used a discovery method
to create Topology theories and proofs. A class would receive a
definition and students would create theorems built on such
definition or a statement is placed on the board and the class would
have to produce a proof of such statement without any references.
This same method could be used to arrive at the same speculations
the intelligence agencies produced with trivial cost, almost zero, and
given the Zionist orientation of Mikkelsen one can arrive without
difficulty at the kind of report this person would write. Premises
of the intelligence report are :
(1) The United States of America engaged in wars of revenge and
greed unprepared to care for the national interest, leading to
unimaginable debt to the nation...
(2) The United States of America transferred ownership of tools
of production and manufacturing to what seems to be cheap labor
(3) The United States of America has acted as a manager in
Globalization internationally and its local economy changed to a
service economy....

However trivial such a report is, it fails in estimating the ‘peace
in Iraq,’ ‘the war in Afghanistan,’ ‘weakening Al-Qaeda’ and
‘USA comfort in Arab/Islamic countries.’ Iraq is a dormant
volcano, Afghanistan is a disaster, Al-Qaeda is decentralized,
and USA is like a madman ‘fighting windmills....’ ?


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