The US Government is utterly corrupt and deceitful beyond redemption...

"The US , French and British Governments are utterly corrupt and deceitful beyond redemption...in politics, policy, economy, monetary, finance, Intelligence and CI practices and much much more to name here!"

واضاف كوشنير ان "فرنسا تدعم بدء هذه المحكمة اعمالها في الاول من آذار/مارس وسوف تؤازرها" مجددا التأكيد على تمسك فرنسا ب"وحدة لبنان واستقلاله وسيادته ووحدة اراضيه"....meantime France keeps hosting officially Asef SHAWKAT on a regular basis, since 1996..., in Paris for talks and coordiantion of policies with ALL its various intelligence services, and keeps offices for them in Damascus...headed by prominent French stove-pipers for years....
واكد كوشنير ان بلاده تأمل ايضا ب"استمرار مناخ الحوار والتفاهم السائد منذ اتفاق الدوحة في 21 ايار/مايو 2008 بغية اجراء الانتخابات التشريعية في 7 حزيران/يونيو في مناخ من الاستقرار واحترام المعايير الديموقراطية".
The French Government is utterly corrupt and deceitful beyond redemption also...no hope there either...and the BRITISH Government is the worst of ALL...Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Australia...and other smaller countries are Kowtowing to MOSSAD and CIA as usual there...

If John O'Neill's case has been so callously treated by the US Government...imagine the real intentions towards the KILLERS of SYRIA, Asef SHAWKAT , Maher ASSAD, and Jamil Al-Sayyed who work directly for the White House Murder INC, the kind treatment which will be afforded to them...by CIA2/MOSSAD/MI6,DGSE , FDDC, NID etc. to cover the tracks of the real assassins who shower the US with such "delicatessen" by doing their dirty work for them covertly for decades...

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John O'Neill: Assassinated Head Investigator Of The USS Cole Attack...
This crooked MI6 bitch was the Ambassador of her Qween in Yemen at the
time of the phenomenon.... COLE, O'Neil etc....Frances Mary MI6 GUY.....

John O'Neill's Background

He had been with the FBI for 20 years, and was involved in investigating
a number of terrorist cases, including the 1993 World Trade Center
bombing. He was considered the FBI's top man on terrorism. In the late
1990s, he became very attuned to Israel's involvement in many terror
false flag operations....

Following the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, he had become
the foremost expert on the global threat from terrorism...

Abu Nidal

Abu Nidal was the leader of the infamous Black September terror
organization, and spent 30 years hijacking jets and planting bombs for
Israel's intelligence. O'Neill suspected Abu Nidal was a Mossad operative
and talked openly about it with other field agents.

O'Neill Was Sent To Investigate the USS Cole Attack

He took a team of FBI agents to Yemen, where his investigation pointed
to Israeli involvement...and it's well known to me that Yemen is swarming
with Israeli commandos masquerading as Arabs for decades. In fact, one
of MOSSAD's ex-chiefs said so in so many words to a friend of mine in the
1990s, saying that Israeli Navy regularly infiltrates and ex-filtrates commandos
from the Yemen territories, well suited for these kinds of covert operations...

Bodine, who is Jewish, was the Ambassador to Yemen. When the USS Cole
was attacked, the FBI sent a team led by John O'Neill who immediately
suspected Israeli involvement. Bodine started an intense political
battle to oust O'Neill.

Bodine wanted to control the investigation, and resented the fact that
suddenly there were hundreds of FBI personnel in the country. Albright
provided a handful of State Department personnel to watch the investigation.

Albright and Bodine Panic as O'Neill Investigation Points to Israel

Albright complains to upper echelons of the FBI about O'Neill.

Bodine wanted O'Neill to drop his bodyguards and he became suspicious of
Mossad assassination. Bodine and Madeleine Albright finally went to the
Zionist Jewish FBI Director, Louis Freeh, to remove John O'Neill from
Yemen. Then January 2001 came, and O'Neill wanted to go back to Yemen.
But, Ambassador Bodine wouldn't give him clearance. In July 2001, O'Neill
resigned from the FBI.

Larry Silverstein Offered Him a Job

In September of 2001, mere days before 9/11, he got a job offer from
Larry Silverstein (owner of WTC). Oddly, O'Neill was missing for two
days before 9/11 miraculously his body was discovered in tact in the WTC

John P. O'Neill

Charges dropped in USS Cole terror trial

USS Cole suspects escape ....


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