The Virgin Mary , JESUS and Joseph.... Religions of yesterday and today's fallacies of the New Age.

The Virgin Mary , JESUS and Joseph.

The Virgin Mary got pregnant through the Holy Spirit in the Holy land, hence a move southwards to avoid shame and disbelief. After several weeks on the road, they got to Nazareth and Bethlehem, ( greater Jerusalem ) or Judah.
Israel was a separate territory in Samaria then.
Christ is born, lived thirty three years between Judah, Israel, Samaria and South Lebanon, where he performs his greatest miracle at Qana of south Lebanon. ( Lebanon has been known as a separate entity from old age, since le Quantique des Quantiques... where it is mentioned " La princesse du Liban "...!
Jesus dies on the cross at the hands of the Romans, is buried, rose from the dead on the third day and went up to the Lord in Heaven in a uniquely historic resurrection, albeit the story of Saint ELIA , who is said to have risen to heaven alive in a chariot of fire.

Jesus' 12 disciples do their best to propagate the faith and the true story of Jesus Christ risen from certain death, his birth, his resurrection in order to save the world and Humanity at large on earth, and they succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and the proof is in the pudding.
The Virgin Mary is said to have traveled through the area of the Levant, ending her life in today's Turkey, where she is believed to have been buried.
Joseph also wandered around Judah and Samaria and is buried in Al-Khalil or Hebron, where his tomb still stands and is a shrine to the Judeo-Christians alike.

Various interpretations of events,calendars and hierarchical disputes, and various allegiances to followers of Christ, have lead to various denominations and various "churches", separated by superficial divisions from Catholic to Orthodox, to Melkites, Assyrians, and many others all over the world, demonstrating the richness and the eternity of the message of Christ, the son of GOD, and Joseph and Mary, the Holy parents of Jesus.
The remaining strength and velocity of the Christian message stems from the actions of Saint PAUL in particular, the strength and generosity of Mary's complete dedication and affection to the message of her Holy son Jesus Christ, the tenacity of PETER who is the ROCK upon which everything stands for ever, until eternity, the second arrival of Christ our savior, the resurrection of all the dead to live for ever in a different holy world, God willing, with the help and prayers of the believers, the Saints, and all priesthood and other Holy intermissions of sisters, brothers and all clergy from all denominations and religions.

The age of the Prophet Mahomet, or Mohammed

The age of the Prophet Mahomet, or Mohammed, the last prophet, peace be upon him, The Holy Kaaba, Mekkah, Medina, and the Schism of 620 A.D. and the second exodus to Iraq, IRAN and other parts of the Levant, the tenacity and very respectable depth of the Faith of all Muslim denominations, the sanctification of the Martyrs, and the deep desires to right the injustices of assassinations...
The amazing discipline, depth of faith, traditions, the Humanistic faith and deep rooted prayers, and the incredible intelligence of all Imams of the faithful, from all sects, each in his own desire to perfection, the glorification of Martyrhood against injustice as a whole, epitomized by the sages of Islam, like Al-Karadawi, and Sheikh Mohamed Hussein Fadlallah, and many others who epitomize the bravery, determination, Humanism and unique charisma, coupled with a highly intelligent approach to teaching the flock.
The openness, transformation, interpretation of the faith, the Hadith and traditions in Islam, requires a tremendous amount of soul searching and modernization, in order to meet today's challenges of daily life, and is something that can be done only by Moslem scholars with time, in the same way as the unity among Christian Churches can only be done by Christian clerics and theologians and churches among themselves, before advancing into "Inter-Faiths" dialogues that could lead to substantive results of common understanding and less futile confrontations that lead absolutely nowhere, and bring untold misery upon the world.
Many non Muslims scholars believe that Islam would have been much better off, had it stopped its historic rivalries and evolution at the year 620 A.D., but that's a different hypothetical debate that would lead nowhere nowadays, in the today's PNAC environment edging closer to a voluntary and calculated clash of civilizations....in order to fracture the world into a gigantic puzzle of a million pieces, in order to serve the hegemonic tendencies of the very few....

In Asia, the rise of the BUDDHA marked the spirits for centuries...

The main European writer who gave resonance to Buddha and had a tremendous impact was the German author Arthur Schopenhauer, whose influence ranged from Tolstoy to Nietzsche among many others. But Nietzsche was the most effective and ardent student of Arthur Schopenhauer, only to discover that Arthur Schopenhauer was completely wrong about BUDDHA, and much too pessimistic about individual freedom, perfection and unlimited potential .
Obviously the main book of Arthur Schopenhauer which had the most influence on many is " Le monde comme volonte et comme representation"...

Another book which was published around 1875-1880, but unsigned and remains anonymous to this day is " Jesus Buddha " published in Auxerre in France. This book proved to be a complete fabrication because it speaks about Jesus before Moses, with many other additional fallacies, hence it is completely worthless from a historical perspective, but had a tremendous influence on the Europeans when it came out, only to be completely debunked as a pure fabrication with nom basis in fact whatsoever.
It is noteworthy to mention Jules de Barthelemy St Hilaire who wrote extensively on Buddha's danger, and left very impressive writings against Buddha, as a real danger to Humanity, because of its sanctification of the egotistic tendencies and egoism in general as a kind of Religion....which is anathema to all other monotheistic religions.

In conclusion, Nietzsche was adamantly opposed to the destructive nature of BUDDHISM and of Arthur Schopenhauer's writings.
In his most famous book, " La volonte de Puissance ", Nietzsche influenced Adolph Hitler and the Nazi ideology....but this is a different chapter all together, because it will need to touch upon the "allies" in the second world war, who tenaciously helped push Hitler into the war...because it served their interest and their own selfish purposes to have such a formidable foe..., in the same way they used Saddam Hussein, and in the same way they are trying to use Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in today's
New Crusade for a new clash of civilizations and religions for a completely different but mere hegemonic desire to control world energy markets and their industrial windfalls worldwide...
Nietzsche would go as far as resuming or describing all Morality or Morals as " Pity" towards others, but obviously well meaning in Goodness....because Nietzsche was the epitome of Humanism, who loved life and loves life for more Humanism and In antipathy to any egotistic tendencies of any kind in any way shape or form.

In today's world the real danger lies in what is commonly known as the " new age " religions... spreading all over Europe and the world...in a new attempt at defaming all three Monotheistic religions of GOD.
It is a combination of various religions, Half Buddha, Half Christian, Half Kabala, and who knows what else in between...and like all else it will come and go.
Mr. Victor cousin spoke eloquently against Buddha and the Danger of Buddhism as well, and is worth mentioning here.

I would conclude again, by citing Saint Augustine in French:

DIEU nous a cree " sans nous meme ", all by himself, mais ne peut nous sauver sans nous meme, [ but cannot save us without ourselves helping him...] in other words, GOD gave us absolute Total Freedom to chose, which is God's Full unconditional Love of Mankind and womankind, created like himself, by himself, but for us to enjoy in Freedom.


Frederic the first Barberousse and Frederic the second King of Jerusalem....who spoke Arabic... In the legend it is said that Frederic the second while traversing Turkey on his way to Jerusalem, and was crossing a river fell and drowned in the river, his soul traveled and was lodged sky high in a high peak in the mountains of Bavaria, Hence Hitler built his humongous eagle's nest, in remembrance of Frederic the second's soul...
Also, when Hitler was pushed into the 2nd world war by the allies, he named his first invasion of the Soviet Union: Barbarossa, in memory of the fallen Frederic the second....


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